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What are your prices?

Do you travel?

What is a Cinematic Event Film?

Do you offer Documentary-Style longer films?

Do you offer drone footage?

What is your approach to shooting videos?

Do I qualify for Elopement Packages?

What does the booking process look like?

What is your turnaround time?

Do you offer military and first responder discounts?

Do you offer photography?

How is the music selected for my film?

Our ceremony and reception are in two different locations. Will you be able to film both of them?

Our wedding packages start at $2,435.00. Our elopement packages start at $1,675.00.

Yes and we adore it! Anywhere you go, we’ll follow. We have special rates for our travel packages, so to find out more, just submit a contact form!

A Cinematic Event Film is a film that you’ll watch time and time again! Its a video that takes all of the key, special moments throughout your day and condenses them into a beautifully edited shortened film. To see examples of our videos, please head over to our Wedding Films & Elopement Films tabs!

Yes, all of our packages include drone footage, complimentary! As long as your venue/location & the weather allow it to be flown, we’ll include it in your film!

We are all about capturing organic, real moments with minimal posing. Typically the only time we’ll intervene is if we give you small pointers like “whisper something sweet to each other!” to get your smiles shining! We love filming all of the special moments without them being forced because we want you to remember what truly happened at your wedding, not some made-up version!

In order to qualify for Elopement Packages, your elopement must be 20 guests or less. If you will have more than 20 guests at your event, you must select from our Wedding Packages.

We’ll have your video finished and ready to hand over to you within 2-3 months for non-peak seasons! During peak-season we have a 3-4 month turnaround time!

Yes, we’ll go to as many locations needed! Our packages run on consecutive hours, so as long as there is enough time for us to film/travel between locations we’re good to go!

We do not offer photography services, but we do have some great recommendations! Just fill out a contact form and we would be happy to refer you to some photographers.

We base all of our music on the vibes of our clients and their wedding days' so that their film's style represents them, but we're very open to you selecting your songs! We must be able to obtain the licenses to the music we use, which means we won't be able to use just any song, so if you have a certain song in mind we can look into obtaining its license for you. If we're not able to license the song, we can find a song in a similar style that is able to be used so it still has the same feeling to it on one of the music selection platforms we use! We use and to find most of our wedding film music, so you could always take a look on there as well to see if any of those songs speak to you! For more mainstream/popular music we also offer songs from as well!

Yes, if you and/or your partner are active/veteran military service members or first responders, you are eligible to receive 5% off the cost of your package! Thank you for your service!

To secure your date on our calendar, we will collect a $750.00 deposit. The deposit is deducted from the total price of your package and the remaining balance will be collected on or before the day of your wedding or elopement! 

Yes, we have this available as an Extra called the Feature Length Film! All of our packages include the Cinematic Event Film and Teaser Trailer, so if you were to add on the Feature Length Film, you would receive all three of those videos!

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We'd like to keep our film private- do you offer an NDA?

We understand how important your special day is and how intimate it may be for clients, so we do have the option to add an NDA to your package to keep your footage and film private for an additional fee of $600.00. Please mention this when inquiring so we can book you with an NDA contract!