Tish + Matt

"You only get to make this choice once, and it can be scary, but if you choose Alex V Films for your wedding, you'll NEVER regret that decision. We knew it would be a good experience based on his website, but we had no idea just HOW GOOD it was going to be! Alex had a vision, and he walked us through it so quickly and comfortably that we barely noticed we were being filmed. He was sensitive to our personal style and quirkiness and made sure to give us a final product that was very "us." Our video felt honest and not "cookie-cutter" in any way. He worked seamlessly with our photographer team to get all special moments in motion. In addition to the vignettes he set to music for social media, friends and family, he also created a longer form video for us of our entire elopement ceremony for us to enjoy privately for years to come. Thank you, Alex. Our memories wouldn't have been the same without you and your calm manner and your keen eye! Cheers!"

"Stop looking. This is your videographer! The BEST!"

Elopement Gallery

Jessica + Genesis

"You accept me exactly as I am.” 

"remember this moment in the fullest extent'"

We had the pleasure of capturing Jessica & Genesis’ intimate elopement in Joshua Tree National Park. Emotional, heartfelt, and true, their love for each other glowed and will be forever preserved in this cinematic keepsake! 
Destination: Joshua Tree National Park

Far from home in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, we had the pleasure of filming Summer & Tyrone's elopement up on the terrace of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Picturesque, authentic, and full of fun destinations, this elopement had them living the California Dream and we loved every moment of their exciting day!

Destination: Griffith Observatory

Paris + Ty

Ashlynn + Cory

"You are my North Star.”

"You're truly worth holding onto forever,"

Up on the coastal cliffs of scenic Big Sur, we had the pleasure of filming Paris & Ty’s intimate elopement. From their youth and into the rest of their lives, this beautiful couple has always had a love for each other as deep as the Pacific where they dove into their next chapter! We loved turning their heartfelt moments into a forever keepsake!
Destination: Big Sur

Alongside the Pacific Ocean and kissed by the coastal breeze of San Diego, we had the pleasure of filming Ashlynn & Cory's elopement on the Sunset Cliffs. Full of giggles and sweet embraces, this beautiful couple said their "I Do's" amongst the sunset and we are so lucky to have been part of their intimate ceremony celebration!
Destination: Sunset Cliffs

Kelli + Joshua

"The most remarkable moment in life.”

Adorned with flowers and bright smiles, this beautiful couple eloped in the deserts of Joshua Tree National Park. It was such a pleasure turning their tender and intimate moments into man everlasting film keepsake!
Destination: Joshua Tree National Park

Christine + Edward

"The fusing of two metals with a hot torch."

True love is a beautiful thing, and this amazing couple glows with it! It was such a pleasure being there to film this wonderfully intimate elopement in the desert, and we are ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to film all of their heartfelt moments!
Destination: Joshua Tree National Park

Jenny + Michael

 "I knew we would survive together.”

This adventurous and fun couple has the most beautiful love story and you could say their love soars! We had such an amazing time filming this gorgeous elopement, on the ground and in the air!
Destination: Hangar 21

Lyneeka + Pedro

Powerful, strong, radiant. It was such a pleasure being there to film this beautifully eclectic elopement in the sand, and we are so grateful to have been given the chance to preserve their love in this beautiful film full of raw emotions!
Destination: Palm Springs

"You deserve a love that wants to dance with you."

Riana + Bradford

Summer + Tyrone

"Never grow too old to hold hands.”

In the heart of Joshua Tree National Park, we had the pleasure of filming Riana and Bradford’s private elopement. Serene and heartfelt, this couple’s wedding day showcased the beautiful love they share together. We are honored to have turned their intimate moments into everlasting memories!
Destination: Joshua Tree National Park

Kali + John

"We’ve supported each other’s wildest dreams.”

In the beautiful and grand Yosemite National Park, we had the pleasure of capturing Kali and John’s intimate wedding day. The love they have for each other shined brighter than the sunrise over Half Dome, and we couldn’t have been happier to be there to turn each tender moment into an everlasting keepsake for them!
Destination: Yosemite National Park

Kali + John

"We’ve supported each other’s wildest dreams.”

Surrounded by the soaring, peaceful redwoods, we had the pleasure of filming Samantha & Matthew's adventurous destination elopement. A journey so intimate, romantic, and serene, this wonderful couple said "I do" amongst the beauty of the forest and we are grateful to have shared this cherished moment alongside them! 
Destination: Jedidiah Smith Redwoods State Park

Samantha + Matthew

"Today we set off on a brand new adventure."